Monday, July 6, 2009

a day of rest

I've been silent on the blog for a while now due to a random convergence of reasons. First, a garbage truck took out the phone and dsl lines at the clinic last week Tuesday. It's just been fixed today, Monday, a whole week later despite many calls to the provider about how we're an emergency medical clinic and we REALLY need our phones.

Second, the car that I had been using belongs to KD, a very sweet and generous intern with whom I am blessed to spend this time with at Casa. Her car went into the shop on Wednesday and won't be back until Thursday or later this week. So going someplace else to use WiFi suddenly became more complicated as it required a bus trip, and probably the purchase of a cup of tea or something to justify sitting at a coffee shop to use the internet.

Third, I had a lot of processing to do after a pretty hard weekend here. More about this in another post.

Right after the hard weekend and before the garbage truck mishap and the car going to the shop, I had a chance to go to La Mesilla, New Mexico for a little r & r. It was just the ticket for some quiet processing away from El Paso and the clinic. La Mesilla is a historic little southwestern town. There was a cute coffee shop with wireless so that I could use the computer. It had lovely gardens, and I was enjoying sitting outside and sipping my iced coffee.

Here are the pics from La Mesilla.The mountains near Las Cruces and La Mesilla, NM.

Pretty little church on the square in La Mesilla.

The sign makes this pic self-explanatory, and made me nostalgic for a trip my family took when I was about age 10. We traveled out west and my Dad was very interested in the places where famous outlaws frequented and their gravesites.
Of all these picturesque buildings here, The Potteries was very attractive to me. I love pottery, and wanted to go in, and found that it's a working studio, with a wee bit of showroom space at the front of the building. The potter was a very nice lady who chatted a bit with me.

In the gardens at Josephina's Cafe. Love the fireplace.
The rest of Josephina's gardens.

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