Wednesday, July 8, 2009

where we hang out

The exterior of the clinic.

The exterior of the intern house.

The lab in the clinic. This counter is always contaminated with blood, urine, and various and sundry other things. We look at placentas, do urine dips, measure blood loss, and clean all tools here. We are constantly "green soaping" this counter and the sink.
This is the clean counter in the lab. We work on charts and paperwork here, and keep our coffee cups and water bottles here. Only clean stuff can go here--no blood, urine, etc.

Part of the staff office. Interns and staff can hang out here.

This is the staff desk, and the couch where we hang out a lot. I push the two "couch" chairs up to the single chair and sleep here for my overnight shift.

This is the back office of the clinic. The secretaries work here and also interns can hang out here and work on their computers, etc.

The community intern bike that's parked in our "back yard."
This is our back patio. You can't see that the glider has both seats punched through, so it's not really usable.
This is our big walk-in closet. It's nice because you can shut the door and turn on the light so to not wake any sleeping roommates while you're getting dressed.
This is my bedroom, the bed that I sleep in. Sorry, I didn't clean for you all. That's the way it is when people are working so hard.
This is the front intern bedroom. They didn't clean for you either. Their bedroom has a window, but it's always covered with the blanket because people need to sleep at all hours of the day. And you can hear the traffic from I10 here pretty clearly. At all times of day.
This is our dining area and our sitting area. there is a tv here, too. And lots of videos of past births from Casa. In case we can't get enough of the real thing.
The intern kitchen. We really didn't clean for you. There's a lot of stuff in the kitchen that is "community" food. Meaning that former interns left and didn't deal with their stuff. It's getting pretty ridiculous. I did clean out the refrigerator I'm using when I arrived. Seriously, who do they think is going to eat their 2 (or more) week old egg salad after they've gone?
The rest of the kitchen. I guess the dishes are at least clean.
Another sitting area near the front of the intern house. Almost no one spends time here. It's far away from the TV and the kitchen, and all of the lights are burned out. So we'd have to open the front door for some light, but then we would get yelled at for air conditioning the whole neighborhood. Just like my parents used to say.
The view outside the front door. Lest you think it be picturesque. . .
I'm really not kidding when I say that we live across the street from Interstate 10. There's also a fairly busy freight train line in the neighborhood as well. Not a whole lot of peace and quiet here. And each bedroom has a clinic phone in it, so that we can hear when we get called to a birth. I have to say that was one thing that was nice about the phone and DSL lines being down; we had a nice break from the phones ringing 24/7.

If you want a little layout perspective that the pics don't give you, you can see that here. Hope you enjoyed the tour!

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