Wednesday, June 4, 2008


A day full of citas today. An internship here is sink or swim. From not knowing how to do much of anything, to speaking some rudimentary Spanish, doing finger sticks, doing prenatal appointments; and by the end of the day, I was even brave enough to attempt a newborn heel poke for PKU. It didn't go very well, and the poor thing had to get poked again. I'll be better next time. Tienes preguntas (do you have any questions?) gets me in trouble about every time. I'm pretty relieved when they say no.

I was second on today, but ended up missing the opportunity to serve at both of the births that happened today. The first one happened at a shift change, so the previous shift first on was there, and the current shift first on as well. So they ending up doing the birth, and I got to observe. The second birth was happening in the middle of my not-going-so-well newborn PKU test, and the staff midwife pulled in another intern. I did make it to the birth just as the head was coming out, so it's another observe. I had a conversation with another intern who thought it was useless to be an observer. I think that there's lots to learn as an observer, even if it's just watching how another midwife does things. And you never know when something really interesting might happen. I've decided that it's best not to just shrug off a birth as "just another birth." That's not how I want to be, even when I'm really good at all the skills and not having to think about each step.

I'm going out for a walk tonight, and taking the camera. So, hopefully, tomorrow night I'll figure out how to put pics on the next post.

Buenes noches!

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