Thursday, June 26, 2008

it's raining babies here in the desert

We went through a little bit of a dry spell after the three baby day from last week's post, but the last two days have more than made up for the dry spell. One of the interns who is leaving today, Kelly, lucked out because she got two babies on her last shift. The fantasy that we all have of someone arriving on the front steps, cervix at 10 centimeters dilated, and ready to push became Kelly's dream come true today. It was pretty awesome, and a lovely birth.
Shannon and Kelly with the ubiquitous can of cola.

Shannon, Kelly, and Judy in our "spot" in the office where we've asked questions, gotten into lots of conversations about birth and life, had our convictions challenged, and watched many a movie on long nights when there weren't any babies being born here.
Shannon, Kelly, me and Consuelo in that intern couch mentioned above. Consuelo is a visiting midwife who has also been a patient and respectful teacher.
Kelly mopping up after one of her two births today.
Well, the story goes like this. We all remember Charlie's Angels (some of us are so young that we only remember the movie), so we had to pose like the Angels sin pistolas, con specula. It doesn't seem to matter how old you are, when you mix fatigue, chocolate, and cola you come up with some pretty goofy behaviours.
Shannon and Judy. Judy's taken to parenting Shannon. She's the youngest one here, and Judy is the mother of us all, but especially Shannon.
I'm not sure I really want to explain this picture. I'm not sure that I even can.
So, the goodbyes have begun. I said goodbye to A'Maya last week, because she left for vacation and won't be back until after I leave. She's been a good and patient teacher, and a whole lot of fun and support. When I come back next summer, I'll be sure to watch the Kill Bill II movie with her.

Today, we all said goodbye to Kelly. She's kept us all laughing, especially when we're all dead tired. She's going to be an awesome hardworking midwife in California, and we all wish her well.
Tomorrow I'll work my second to last shift. I said goodbye to Gina and Cynthia today, the secretaries who do so much to keep this place running. They not only manage all the administrative tasks, but also pitch in and do citas when they have a new batch of interns or we've had a birth and are overwhelmed with duties. Luz does secretarial work, citas and teaches childbirth classes as well, and I hope to say goodbye to her on Sunday. They all have to put up with new batches of interns all the time, teaching everyone the ropes every other week. It's crazy, and must make for a stressful workplace.
Even with all the hard work, and the fatigue, and the challenging situations I've faced while I've been here, I am really looking forward to back next summer to work for another month on my internship. I'm also really looking forward to going home and sleeping in my own bed, and seeing all my family and friends again.

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Lori Stilger said...

:) I stumbled on your blog by accident, but it hit a note with me. :) I went to school at UT El Paso, so I know a little of the culture, etc. you wandered in to. :) How very special that you're midwifing (or is it midwiving???)!
Be blessed - my sister has had 4 of her 5 children at home with a midwife!!! :D